Big day today. It’s the first of the series of public hearings scheduled by the RI State Senate Finance Committee about $38 million dollars in taxpayer financing for the proposed Pawtucket Red Sox stadium. That’s $15 million from Pawtucket and secured by the State of Rhode Island, plus $23 million in direct state subsidy. 

Long and formidable is the list of proponents who want to take our money for this private business investment. Their testimony will tug at your heartstrings and bring tears to your eyes.

The thing is, no one argues that the PawSox are not a wonderful group of individuals and a charitable ball club – they are!

But when the smog of emotion is swiped away, this is cleanly and clearly about maximizing profit for a group of prominent private investors. Good for them! We wish them much success and record attendance for every home game.

We just do not want to be coerced into contributing to their success through government taxation of our labor. Period.

Big day today. But it’s not the only day. We cannot be discouraged nor intimidated by the Howitzers who will take to the microphones tonight. This is the first step in a process that will take weeks, maybe months. It’s a long game. We’re in it to the last pitch. 

Can we count on you to be there, too?

1. Log your opposition to the use of taxpayer funding for this project. Visit this Senate Finance Hearings website contact form. Your statement here becomes a lasting record of your reasoned opposition. 

2. Call the governor and at least these legislators
(401) 222-2080 – Governor Gina Raimondo  
(401) 222-2466 – Speaker of the House Nicholas Mattiello
(401) 438-1924 – Senator William J. Conley, Jr., Senate Finance Chair
(401) 222-6655 – Senator Dominick Ruggerio, Senate President

3. Show up at a hearing – register here.

4. And, of course, we appreciate any amount you may donate to help the cause of liberty.

photo credit: The Providence Journal