Bylaws of the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island



Section 1. These Bylaws govern the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island, hereinafter referred to as the “Party,” whose purpose is to pursue liberty and promote libertarian political ideals consistent with the Libertarian Party Statement of Principles by:

a) Disseminating information about libertarian ideals and principles;
b) Nominating and promoting candidates for local, state, and national public office;
c) Promoting and coordinating district and local organizations throughout the state
d) Selecting and sending delegates to Libertarian Party national conventions.

Section 2: The Party shall be affiliated with the national Libertarian Party.


Section 1. Members of the Party are those who are either paid members of the National Libertarian Party, who live in Rhode Island or those whose LPRI Party dues are current. Members must be at least eighteen years old.

Section 2. The Executive Committee, by two-thirds vote of the entire Committee, may revoke an individual’s membership for cause.


Section 1. The officers of the Party shall be the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, and Treasurer. No offices may be combined.

Section 2. The Chair shall: preside at all Party Conventions and at all meetings of the Executive Committee; be the chief executive officer of the Party, the official contact, and spokesman for the Party; and approve all Party publications.

Section 3. The Vice-Chair shall assist the Chair and shall perform the duties of the Chair when required.

Section 4. The Secretary shall maintain the Party membership list, take minutes of the Conventions and Executive Committee meetings, and keep other records as required by the Chair or Executive Committee or by these Bylaws.

Section 5. The Treasurer shall receive, disburse, and account for the funds of the Party under the supervision of the Chair and the Executive Committee. The Treasurer shall prepare an annual report and make available any financial information required by the Executive Committee. The Party will not incur any debt.


Section 1. The Executive Committee is composed of the Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, and one At-Large Member. No person may hold more than one title. The Executive Committee shall control and manage all the affairs, properties, and funds of the Party. The Executive Committee may enact policies to implement these Bylaws, which policies shall be recorded with the Bylaws. A quorum shall be three members.

Section 2. No Member of the Executive Committee shall be a member of, or hold a position of trust in, another political party, or support a candidate of another political party in opposition to a candidate of the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island.

Section 3. The Executive Committee may, by a 3/5 vote, appoint new officers or at-large member if vacancies occur, such appointees to complete the term of the office vacated.

Section 4. The Executive Committee shall meet at such time and place as determined by action of the Committee or call of the Chair, except the Executive Committee shall meet at least quarterly. If a meeting is to be held at a time and/or place not arranged at a previous meeting, it is the responsibility of the Secretary to give reasonable notice to all Executive Committee members.

Section 6. The Executive Committee may meet by teleconference or video conference if all Executive Committee members agree in advance, and shall adopt rules of procedure for such teleconferences and video conferences.

Section 7. The Executive Committee may set membership dues.

Section 8. An Officer or at-large member may be removed from that position for cause by four-fifths vote of the entire Executive Committee.

Section 9. The Executive Committee may establish Special Rules of Order for its meetings.

Section 10. A summary of the results of Executive Committee meetings shall be published in the next issue of the Party newsletter.

Section 11. The At-Large Member shall assist any of the officers in performing their duties when required.


Section 1. It shall be the responsibility of the Executive Committee to set the time, place, and schedule of events for the Annual Convention, except that the Convention must be held sometime during April or May. At least thirty days’ notice must be provided to the members concerning these arrangements. In order to vote at the Convention, a Party member must have been a member for at least 30 days prior to the date of the Convention. A quorum for the Convention shall be 10 members.

Section 2. All Party members in attendance and registered shall be voting delegates without benefit of proxy.

Section 3. The Officers and at-large member of the Executive Committee shall be elected at the Annual Convention, and shall take office immediately following the close of the Convention, and shall serve until the end of the next Annual Convention or until their successors are elected.

Section 4. All elections of candidates, officers, or delegates must include as the last selection the option “None of the above” (NOTA). If NOTA receives a majority of votes, an entirely new slate of candidates may be offered and a new vote taken, or that position shall go unfilled. A vacancy created by this provision may not be filled by the Executive Committee.

Section 5. Candidates for public office shall be chosen by majority vote at the Convention.

Section 6. A Special Convention may be called at any time with 30-day notice, upon petition by one-third of those who were Party members at the time of the most recent Annual Convention. The petition must state the purpose(s) for such a Convention, and the Convention must adhere strictly to said purpose(s).


Section 1. The EXCOM may create permanent or temporary positions or committees as required that shall report to the EXCOM.

Section 2. All individuals in these positions or members of these committees must be members of the LPRI.

Section 3. All individuals in these positions or members of these committees must report to the EXCOM monthly unless otherwise stated.

Section 4. All such positions or committees must be submitted to the EXCOM and approved by a majority vote of the EXCOM.

Section 5. A local or town Chapter of the Party may be chartered by the Executive Committee in any city or town in which no Chapter already exists. No more than one Chapter may be chartered in any geographic area. A single Chapter may be chartered for two or more contiguous such areas, each of which has at least one Party member. The Executive Committee may revoke the charter of any Chapter by three fifths vote of the Executive Committee if and only if it fails to live up to its requirements under these Bylaws, or its own Chapter Bylaws and Rules.


Section 1. A Party candidate for public office must be a member of the Party, legally eligible to serve in the office, and willing to accept the nomination.

Section 2. In cases such as the death, resignation, disqualification, or suspension of a Party nominee, offices for which no candidate is chosen at the Convention, and circumstances such as special elections, redistricting, etc. requiring new candidates to be put forward, the Executive Committee shall be responsible for the selection of Party candidates, by a 3/5 vote. A candidate’s nomination may be suspended for cause by 2/3 vote of the entire Executive Committee.

Section 3. “Fusion and “cross party” endorsements are forbidden.


Delegates to a Convention of the Libertarian Party shall be selected by the delegates to the Annual Convention of the Party. Delegates must be members of the Party.


These Bylaws may be amended by a two-thirds vote at an Annual Convention or a Special Convention where such amendment is specified as a purpose. Proposed amendments to the Bylaws may be submitted by any delegate. The text of any such proposal must be made available to all members at least 21 days before the Convention at which it is to be considered.


in the event of the dissolution of the Party, its net assets will be distributed to the National Libertarian Party.


The rules contained in the current edition of Robert’s Rules of Order Newly Revised shall govern the Party in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with these Bylaws and any Special Rules of Order the Party might adopt.

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