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The Libertarian Party of RI is a grassroots organization. We rely on your help to advance the cause of liberty.

The Latest from the LPRI

The Individualist: November 2021

In the latest issue of our monthly newsletter: LPRI Chair William Hunt discusses the importance of community organizations to spreading the libertarian message. A member's perspective on whether ranked-choice voting will help the libertarian cause. A look at the 2022...

The Individualist: October 2021

Want to catch up on what's been happening with the party over the past month? Then look no further than the latest edition of The Individualist, our recently revived newsletter. In this issue, don't miss the latest update from Chair William Hunt, a few words from our...

The Individualist: September 2021

The Individualist: September 2021

Back in 1977, when the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island was first formed, the party had a monthly newsletter called The Individualist. Our current Executive Committee has decided to revive it. You can download the first issue at the link below. Look for a few words...

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Are you a Libertarian?

The Left


The Right


  • Government Regulated Economy
  • Military Intervention (Somalia, Hati, Balkans)
  • Using Eminent Domain for Private Gain
  • Ban Guns


  • Personal Freedom
  • Non-Interventionist Foreign Policy
  • Tolerance of Others’ Peaceful Choices
  • Civil Liberties
  • Separation of Church and State


  • Economic Freedom
  • Robust National Defense
  • Respect for Others’ Property Rights
  • Individual Right to Keep and Bear Arms
  • Giving Generously to Those in Need


  • Government Regulated Morality
  • Military Adventurism (Regime Change)
  • War on Drugs
  • Surveillance State
  • Tax Funding of Faith-Based Charities

Libertarians Believe:

  • Government should just defend our rights. Let Individuals pursue their own interests.
  • Stop nation-building and being the policemen of the world. Peace through trade and diplomacy.
  • End the failed “War on Drugs” and legalize marijuana.
  • Champion of Civil Liberties and protector of personal privacy.