LPRI is asking for your help in telling legislators to vote in favor of H7766. If you can’t show up to the bill’s public hearing on Tuesday, March 26, please submit public testimony in favor of the bill and reach out to committee members to ask they vote for the bill.

Not sure where to start? More information on submitting public testimony is below and you can even use our suggested email template.

We’ve also included a list of legislators on the House State Government and Elections Committee, which will ultimately vote on whether the bill should advance. In addition to submitting public testimony, you can reach out to them and let them know they should support the bill.

Suggested Email Template

Dear Members of the House State Government and Election Committee (or whichever individual legislator you email)

I support H7766 because it would make ballot access easier for alternative parties. This would give voters like me, who don’t align with either major party, better representation. Please vote in favor of the bill.


Concerned Resident (Your Name Here)

Public testimony can be submitted to HouseStateGovernmentandElections@rilegislature.gov. Make sure to include your name, the bill number, and your support for the bill.

Be aware that submitted written testimony is considered public and will be available online.

Legislators to Contact

In addition to submitting public testimony, you can also reach out directly to legislators on the committee, who will ultimately vote on whether to advance the bill to the legislature for a vote on final passage.

Representative Evan P. ShanleyChairrep-shanley@rilegislature.gov
Representative Mary MessierFirst Vice Chairrep-messier@rilegislature.gov
Representative Arthur J. CorveseSecond Vice Chairrep-corvese@rilegislature.gov
Representative Edith H. AjelloMemberrep-ajello@rilegislature.gov
Representative Jacquelyn M. BaginskiMemberrep-baginski@rilegislature.gov
Representative Jon D. BrienMemberrep-brien@rilegislature.gov
Representative Raymond A. HullMemberrep-hull@rilegislature.gov
Representative Katherine S. KazarianMemberrep-kazarian@rilegislature.gov
Representative Brian Patrick KennedyMemberrep-kennedy@rilegislature.gov
Representative Jason KnightMemberrep-knight@rilegislature.gov
Representative Michelle E. McGawMemberrep-mcgaw@rilegislature.gov
Representative Patricia L. MorganMemberrep-morgan@rilegislature.gov
Representative Brian C. NewberryMemberrep-newberry@rilegislature.gov
Representative Mary Ann Shallcross SmithMemberrep-shallcross-smith@rilegislature.gov
Representative Teresa A. TanziMemberrep-tanzi@rilegislature.gov