246 years ago today, the Colony of Rhode Island renounced its dependence to Great Britain.

The General Assembly of the time voted almost unanimously for independence and to declare itself a free and sovereign state. It would be another two months before the other 12 colonies followed suit.

How different the state is today. No longer do we take bold and decisive actions in the name of freedom. No longer do we repudiate the tyrannical rule of a strong executive.

Rhode Island is still in a state of emergency over COVID-19. Gov. Daniel McKee issued an executive order on April 12, extending the emergency for another 30 days. Why? For access to increased funding levels from the federal government.

And the legislature, after passing a bill limiting states of emergency to 180 days, hasn’t exactly stood up against this abuse of power. They voted to allow McKee to extend the state of emergency, but have blocked his ability to use further executive orders to manage the emergency. That’s hardly a meaningful distinction and shows the legislature is not principally opposed to their powers being eroded through executive rule.

From its colonial beginnings, Rhode Island has been a place for rebels. Its long past time to return to the state and its government its foundational zeal for liberty.

As the last two years have shown us, neither of the established political parties is going to do this. Only the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island will take a consistently principled stance to limit government and maximize personal liberty.

But we need your help to do that. Without members helping to spread the party’s message and donations enabling us to promote our candidates, LPRI’s reach will always be limited.

It doesn’t take that many people to change the status quo. In 1776, approximately 60 members of the General Assembly gathered for a historic vote that made Rhode Island the first independent state in the western world.

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Whether you’re willing to donate your time, your voice, or your hard-earned, overly-taxed money, we appreciate your willingness to help us advance the cause of liberty in Rhode Island.