October 29, 2010

Contact: Christian Chirino
Phone: 401-919-0121

Rhode Island Libertarians withhold support for gubernatorial candidates

At The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island’s recent convention they
passed a motion declining to support any candidates running for
governor in Rhode Island.
LPRI believes in smaller government through less taxes and more
personal freedom. After reviewing each of the candidate’s positions
they feel that no candidate meets those requirements.

“Rhode Island needs a governor who will not intrude into our personal
lives,” says Brian Stack, vice-chairman for LPRI. None of the
candidates on the ballot are committed to both lowering taxes and
giving the people back their civil liberties.

LPRI believes that in this current economic situation raising taxes
will not boost the economy and may lead to an increase in Rhode
Island’s unemployment rate which is already one of the highest in the

The Party is also weary of many of the candidate’s stances regarding
protecting civil liberties and ensuring equality for all people in the

At the convention the party also passed a motion to endorse the
candidacy of Robert Healey for the office of Lieutenant Governor

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