PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND (January 6, 2020) — Following today’s announcement that Lincoln Davenport Chafee, a former Republican United States Senator, former Independent Rhode Island Governor, and former Democratic Presidential candidate in 2016, will seek the Libertarian Party nomination for President in 2020, LPRI Chairman Pat Ford said, “Welcome to the Party, Senator!”

With Kim Ruff and Jacob Hornberger currently the consensus leaders in a pack of about 20 candidates, Chairman Ford welcomes Lincoln Chafee to the race, and quotes: ‘Fasten your seatbelt – it’s gonna be a bumpy night.’

The warning relates to the transparent, old-school vetting of Libertarian candidates leading up to and during the national convention. In the Libertarian Party, there are no super delegates, no committed delegates, and no pre-ordination of nominees. The most talented field of candidates in the Party’s history are currently jousting for the nomination; only one will emerge from the trial by fire, also known as the Libertarian National Convention.

“You go through a six-month process if you will, going from state convention to state convention where the delegates are actually nominated and elected. Then you go to an open debate that is fierce. Focused extensively on issues. We don’t handicap our candidates,” Chairman Ford said.

Candidates for President and Vice President will have a series of opportunities to sway delegates through individual presentations and scheduled debates. Nominees need not run together as a ticket, although some (notably Gary Johnson and William Weld) choose to do so. After the presentations, delegates cast ballots – several rounds this year, predictably – until agreement is reached and the top nominees for President and Vice President are selected.

The LPRI held a special convention on December 16 to elect local party delegates to the national convention. Pat Ford, Mike Rinaldi, and Bill Hunt were elected as delegates; Tom Markey, Christopher Thrasher, and Aimee Gardiner were named alternates. The Libertarian National Convention will be held in May, in Austin, Texas.

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