Proposed Amendments

This is a list of proposed bylaws amendments for the 2023 convention. Submission of new amendments will close on May 1st 2023.

NameType of Amendment:Section to be amended:Text of proposed bylaw change or addition:
William HuntChange to an existing bylaw.ARTICLE X - Delegates to National ConventionsAdd "in odd-numbered years" to the end of the first sentence. Sentence to read: "Delegates to a Libertarian Party national convention shall be nominated and elected by delegates to the LPRI annual convention in odd-numbered years."

Rationale: Typically, planning travel arrangements to the convention must be made months in advance. The National LP convention happens on Memorial Day weekend in even-numbered years. If we wait until April before the national convention, we are not giving our delegates enough time to plan to attend and get their affairs in order. We should be electing delegates in odd-numbered years so our delegates have at least 7 months (assuming we have the convention before 10/14) to plan to attend the annual convention.
William HuntChange to an existing bylaw.ARTICLE VIII CONVENTIONS - Section 1. SchedulingReplace "thirty" with "60" (second sentence.)

Rationale: In order to be eligible to vote at the convention, someone needs to be an LPRI member for at least 30 days (see Section 2. Voter Eligibility). It takes at least 60 days to promote and plan a proper convention, we should really give 60 days' notice of our annual convention so people can have 30 days to join the party in advance of the convention.
William HuntChange to an existing bylaw.ARTICLE VIII CONVENTIONS - Section 1. SchedulingReplace "sometime during April or May" with "no later than October 14 of every year"

Rationale: I believe scheduling our convention in April or May was an attempt to coordinate with reporting the elected delegates to the National LP Convention. In 2022, delegates were due to the credentialing committee in April which further limited our window of when we could even hold the convention and comply with our bylaws. Further, in election years, it is beneficial to have our convention closer to the state's declaration of candidacy deadline. RI General Laws (R.I. Gen. Laws ยง 17-12-13) require political parties to have an annual convention no later than October 14th, I believe we should just adopt that standard. This change would give us much more flexibility to schedule our state conventions.