The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island extends its congratulations to Chase Oliver and Mike ter Maat, who were nominated as the party’s 2024 presidential and vice presidential candidates at the recent Libertarian National Convention.

We also extend our thanks to LPRI Chair William Hunt, Pat Ford, and Theresa Haydt, who served as the Rhode Island delegates and represented the party at the convention.

Bill was on the Matt Allen show earlier this week discussing everything that went down at the convention. Make sure to give it a listen:

Now that we have our nominee, we have to make sure Rhode Islanders have the chance to vote for Chase this November! To make sure the libertarian ticket is on the ballot, we need your help!

Rhode Island requires third party presidential candidates collect the signatures of 1,000 registered voters in order to obtain a spot on the ballot. In reality, because many of those signatures will be thrown out, we need to collect many more than that.

We can start collecting signatures this summer. This is a massive undertaking, requiring a lot of on-the-ground presence and coordination, and we’ll need the help of volunteers across the state to pull it off.

Signature sheets are organized by the town in which the voter signing it lives. Those sheets also need to be returned to the board of canvassers in the town signers live.

We’ll need volunteers across the state to collect signatures, organize signature sheets, and ensure they’re delivered to the correct board of canvassers.

July may be a few months away, but the more volunteers we can organize now, the better chance we have of collecting enough signatures to get Chase on the ballot.

If you want to make sure you’re able to vote libertarian this November, sign up to volunteer here: Make sure you let us know where you’re located and will be able to help with petitioning.