LPRI held its annual convention on May 23. For the second consecutive year, Rhode Island’s COVID-19 restrictions drove the event online.

The convention began with a statement from Chair Pat Ford, who announced that he would not be seeking re-election for another term:

“As in any organization, particularly those of the political variety, the time ultimately comes for a fresh face, a fresh perspective. No individual is greater than the party. And the future of any movement, philosophy, or political party relies on the ever upward movement of individuals who are ready to bring to bear their talents, energy, ambition and “super “powers” to the fore .I will always treasure my Years as leader of the LPRI. We’ve enjoyed successes…killing the stadium subsidies …the Superman Building…fighting the taxation of medical cannabis… and, most Importantly, introducing to the people of Rhode Island the notion that government has neither a place in the free market or fighting endless Wars. Moving forward, the new leadership of the Party is superb. I will always be a Rhode Island Libertarian. As our recent health crisis has aptly demonstrated, the fight for the rights of the individual is greater than ever. My new role, however, will be as the volunteer, here in Lil Rhody, and wherever a helping hand is needed. God Bless The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island

Following this statement, the members of the Executive Committee made their reports, highlighting some of the wins the party has had, even as COVID-19 has challenged political parties’ ability to gather and rally in support of various causes, including a growth in party membership.

No amendments to the party bylaws or changes to the party platform were made.

Three Executive Committee positions were up for election: Chair, Secretary, and At-Large Member.

William Hunt, formerly LPRI’s Secretary, was nominated to become the new chair, a position with a 2-year term, and after a motion to vote by acclamation, was unanimously approved by all members present.

Hunt issued the following statement:

It is a great honor to be elected as Chairman of the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island. Over the past seven years, our party has grown under Pat Ford’s stewardship and I will do my best to build on this strong foundation. As we head into a midterm election, I am excited to focus the party’s efforts on finding candidates to run for office in Rhode Island as Libertarians. I intend to use my experience as a candidate to maximize our efforts and achieve our goal of state party status. Our state membership is vital to the success of these efforts. We need members to run for office, members to volunteer their time on state committees and campaigns, members to fight for liberty in Rhode Island.The time is now to turn this state around. This is the opportunity for us to make a lasting impact on the future of our state. Join us in our fight.

The next election was for the position of Secretary, a role with a 2-year term. Katherine Revello, currently the party’s Communications Director, was nominated and, following a motion to vote by acclamation, was unanimously approved by all members present.

Revello made the following statement:

The Executive Committee is home to a group of hard working, dedicated, and talented people who do their utmost to advance liberty in Rhode Island. I’ve enjoyed getting to know them and to work with them over the past year, and I’m thrilled to be able to join them as Secretary.

Finally, the election for At-Large Member, a one-year term was held. Shawn Mizener, who previously served as At-Large Member, and also serves as the chair of the party’s Public Policy Committee, was unanimously elected for another one-year term following a call for a vote by acclamation.

Mizener made the following statement:

I’m proud to have been re-elected by the members of the LPRI to the Member At-Large position. I’m also excited to welcome Billy Hunt to his new position on the Executive Committee as Chairman. He brings with him the experience of running multiple political campaigns first hand here in the Ocean State, which will prove invaluable towards our goal of getting Libertarians in office at the town and state level. I’d also like to congratulate Katherine Revello for being elected as our new Secretary – I’m excited to see how we can work together to accomplish our goals of growing membership, fundraising to support candidates, and getting Libertarians elected. This last year has proved that Rhode Island is ready for a change. We know the liberty message is starting to resonate here in RI; this is evident by our continued membership growth.

The convention concluded following the election of officers.