We’re kicking off 2022, which is both an election year and the year of the party’s 45th anniversary, with the latest edition of The Individualist. The theme of this issue: the more things change, the more they stay the same.

In this issue:

  • We’re two years into the pandemic. You’d think government would have gotten better at the pandemic response. But, as LPRI Chair William Hunt points out, access to testing is still difficult to come by.
  • The legislature is back in session. And still pushing legislation that tramples on people’s freedom.
  • What were the party’s greatest need back in 1977? Members and funds. This month’s “From the Floor” is a special throwback to the inaugural issue of the newsletter.
  • And, find out about our 45th anniversary membership drive. We want 45 new party members for our 45th anniversary.

Have thoughts about the newsletter? Want to be featured in the next issue? Email: communications@lpri.us.

Download the January issue here: