On Thursday, June 17 2021 Tucker Coburn submitted his formal resignation as Region 8 Representative to the Libertarian National Committee.

The Region 8 bylaws, which the LPRI Executive Committee agreed to abide by at our May 29, 2020 meeting, state the following:

4. The Primary Representative, and Alternate Representative, to accommodate the greatest representation among the state Parties, shall be residents of different states.

8. A vacancy in the position of the Primary Representative shall be filled by the promotion of the Alternate Representative to Primary Representative.

9. A Vacancy in the position of Alternate Representative shall be filled by polling the 8 state chairs via approval voting among those candidates nominated from within the region in a manner to be chosen by those chairs.

This means that our Regional Alternate, Rich Bowen from New Jersey, will assume the role as the Primary Representative for Region 8.

The Alternate Representative will be nominated by and voted on by the eight state chairs of the region. As one of these state chairs, I am in the position to nominate national LP members living in Rhode Island as a candidate to fill this role. Similarly, I will ultimately be voting on who fills this position.

If anyone wishes to be nominated for this position, or, if you have strong feelings about a candidate seeking this position one way or another, please contact me at chair@lpri.us.

Billy Hunt
Chairman LPRI