Minutes of the RILP ExCom Meeting, September 26, 2011

Attending: Brian Stack (BS), Chair;  Tony Jones (TJ), Treasurer; Gary Whitney (GW), At-Large Member; Beth Richardson (BR), Secretary.  Also attending were Christian Chirino and RI State Representative Dan Gordon.

Meeting Location:  Warwick Public Library, 600 Sandy Lane, Warwick, RI 02889

The meeting started with an open discussion with Rep. Gordon regarding his new membership with the Libertarian Party and his willingness to represent the libertarian point of view in the RI State Assembly.  Rep. Gordon explained how he had left the Republican caucus last May, in protest of the expulsion of Rep. Watson from the Republican caucus.  Rep. Gordon stated that he planned to run as a Libertarian in the next election cycle.  He explained that his political organization is basically a one man operation: himself.  He said individual contact, “door knocking” was key to his being elected.

He admitted to having a troubled past, but that he had paid his debt to society and he stated that he has had no legal problems since he has run for office and that his drinking is now under control.

Rep. Gordon’s voting record while in office tends toward libertarian positions.  He is personally against gay marriage, but would support a ballot initiative for the voters to decide for themselves.  He is in favor of gun rights.

Tony Jones (TJ) gave his Treasurer’s Report:
–     TJ closed the old bank account because Bank of America had instituted       monthly fees and he opened a different type of account, one without monthly           fees.

  • TJ filed LPRI’s annual report to the RI Secretary of State.  This annual report is due yearly on July 30.

Membership Improvement and Goals:

  • TJ suggested that LPRI use the tri-fold downloadable and printable had-outs put out by George Phillie’s group (libertyforamerica.com), modified to include LPRI contact information, as literature to hand out to educate people on the libertarian viewpoint.
  • BS suggested that literature drops might be a good way to get LPRI members involved in outreach.  He stated that the data dump showed membership staying about even.

Next meeting will be on October 24 at 7:00 p.m. at the Warwick Public Library.