Candidate’s Controversial Clinton Comments Cited as Cause

PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND (November 3, 2016) — With less than 36 hours until show time, the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island (LPRI) announces it withdraws its support of Friday’s rally with the Libertarian Vice Presidential nominee, former Massachusetts Governor William Weld.

“The Libertarian Party of Rhode Island proudly espouses the fundamental Libertarian principles of maximum freedom and minimum government,” said LPRI Chairman Pat Ford. “That’s why it is particularly disturbing for us to witness the national Libertarian Party vice presidential nominee wage a quixotic campaign in support of a presidential candidate – not his party’s candidate – whose personal and political philosophy are completely incompatible with fundamental Libertarian principles.”

For many, the 2016 Libertarian National Convention marked the opportunity to bring to the American people a clear, cogent sense of Libertarian principles, delivered in the form of a candidate who was a highly effective two-term Governor, whose embrace of Libertarian principles was a hallmark of his administration. Equally irresistible to many Libertarians was the opportunity to partner with another highly successful former Governor, who employed a similar pragmatic approach to governing.

That makes the current disconnect even more disappointing. Stating that no individual candidate or cult of personality transcends the mission of the Libertarian party, Ford expressed regret at having to make the decision to rescind support for the rally. “There comes a time when compromise and accommodation have to stop, and you jump off the slippery slope to take a firm stand. This was not the easy choice to make, but it is the principled one.”

The LPRI continues to embrace the presidential candidacy of Governor Gary Johnson.

“We are unequivocal in our belief that Governor Johnson represents the best choice of the candidates for President of the United States,” said Chairman Ford. “And while, ironically, we agree with Bill Weld that Donald Trump is fundamentally unsuitable for high office, Hillary Clinton’s record of deceit, failure, and questionable character make her equally unsuitable,” Mr. Ford said.

“We urge all voters – but especially the disenfranchised and those disillusioned by the two-party choices – to consider Gary Johnson of the Libertarian Party – the Party of Principle – when making their decision next Tuesday,” Ford said.

The path to beneficial change and better choice beyond the two-party system is for Rhode Islanders to cast 5 percent of votes for the Libertarian presidential ticket. “A vote for Gary Johnson on Tuesday is an investment in expanded candidate choice for the next foreseeable election cycles,” Ford concluded. “The change starts now.”

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