Members of the Executive Committee of the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island voted during a June 6 meeting to rescind the endorsement awarded to Michael Fleury for his campaign for City Council in Warwick. An endorsement of Fleury’s campaign was awarded by LPRI’s members at its 202 state convention. Fleury’s ineligibility to hold elected office was brought to the executive committee’s attention in late May.

Under LPRI’s bylaws, candidates who are not eligible to hold elected office in Rhode Island are not eligible to receive the party’s endorsement.

The party’s Executive Committee also voted to rescind the endorsement given to Joel Hellmann’s gubernatorial campaign during its May 2 meeting. Hellmann sought the endorsement at LPRI’s state convention. Hellmann appeared at that meeting and requested the endorsement be rescinded, citing differences between himself and the party.

The executive committee voted unanimously to rescind both nominations.