Topics covered are:

  • Local Races
    • 27 Primaries for GA seats, 18 with incumbents (36 percent are running unopposed)
    • Compared to 2014 when 43 percent went uncontested
    • Libertarian candidates and who they are challenging
    • Article in The Providence Journal on fundraising.
  • 38 Studios
    • The Providence Journal seeking criminal investigation records
    • WellsFargo, Barclays Capital settlement
    • Schilling gearing up for his trial – says he can’t wait to tell his side of the story
  • Kennedy Plaza issues and panhandlers
    • Albuquerque model is interesting but would it work
    • How involved are social services in this process with group of stakeholders trying to fix problem?
    • Much larger issue: Brookings Report found Providence had the fifth largest income gap in the country in 2014.
  • Extension for RI tourism campaign

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