Welcome to 2018! Mid-term elections are on the horizon (if you can see over the snow drifts), and locally, we foresee hard-fought battles for seats in general offices and general assembly.

Might we suggest starting the year off right with a gift of $20.18 to the Libertarian Party of Rhode Island? It’s easy – the options are right on the home page – and it’s a perfect fit.

Gifts in any amount are appreciated and help advance the cause of liberty in this state, whose elected officials have lopsided goals and a distorted sense of public good. Oh, there is so much work to be done!

In the meantime, from our hearths to yours, best wishes for a Happy New Year.

Speaking of Gifts… (from the “Only in Rhode Island” files)

Thank you to all those who attended the LPRI holiday party and fundraiser Lanes for Liberty at Breaktime Bowl and Bar on December 7. We had a great time! 

When what to our wondering eyes should appear, but the Commerce Corp clinking their glasses of beer. Yes, the elves from the Commerce Corporation Candy Store suspended their daily toil of taxpayer-funded corporate gifting to celebrate festively at their own holiday party in a different section of the very same Breaktime Bowl and Bar as the LPRI party. One difference between their party and ours, though, their food and beverage bill was on you!

Speaking of a Happy 2018…

William Hunt, Jr. announced his candidacy for House District 68 (Warren | Bristol) during the Lanes for Liberty event. Great news for residents of District 68, but even better news for all Libertarians in the state of Rhode Island. If you have not had the pleasure yet of meeting Bill, please make a point of doing so. He brings energy, intelligence, depth of knowledge about issues, and pure principle to the conversation, wrapped in a positive, uplifting attitude that will elevate the race and benefit the state when he is elected. Let’s make a difference! Look for information coming soon about opportunities to volunteer and make it happen in 2018.