Minutes of the RILP ExCom Meeting, November 19,2010

Attending:  Christian Chirino, Chair; Brian Stack, Vice Chair; Gary Whitney, At-Large Member; Beth Richardson, Secretary

It was noted that Tony Jones, Treasurer has filed for an ETN (electronic transfer number) so he can open a bank account for the RILP.

It was noted that there will be an LSLA (Libertarian State Leadership Alliance) conference in Seattle on February 19, 2011.  As it may be costly to attend (being so far away), it is doubtful that anyone from the RILP ExCom will attend.

As this was the first meeting of the current ExCom members, there was a general discussion of goals for the RILP.  Issues and approaches that were mentioned as being of interest to the ExCom were:

Networking among Libertarians and others of similar positions

Coming up with short-term and long-term goals for the RILP

Concern about the erosion of personal rights.  Let’s join with other people to effect


Recruiting new members to RILP

Medical marijuana

Less bureaucracy for starting small businesses

Efficient government

Preference for local governance versus state control

Getting rid of school bus monitors

It was agreed that having various social get-togethers for libertarians and like-minded people to get together would be a good thing to start doing. 

The current website for RILP is https://lpri.us/     The previous website for RILP ended in .org (http://www.lpri.org) and  is now defunct.

Other groups of interest are the RI Tea Party PAC (Colleen Conley, Chair), the RI Tea Party, the Patriots of South County, and the Westerly Patriots.

Members of the RILP ExCom will each set up Skype accounts to facilitate online meetings through Skype.

Meeting adjourned.