It’s Easter at the State House. Two bills held for further study (which usually means the kiss of death for the current session) were miraculously resurrected and voted out of committee tonight, and now head for a full House vote. On Thursday.

Yes, the day after tomorrow. This is the Fast Track in hyperdrive. And represents unconscionable government action against the people.

So, the bottom line shoots to the top (pun intended): CALL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE TOMORROW to register your opposition to his or her infringement on your right to bear arms and your right to due process. The “red flag” bill in particular violates due process — you can lose your legally-procured and rightfully-owned gun if you are PERCEIVED as a “threat.” I cannot even believe I typed those words. Crime, trial, and conviction are irrelevant.

Earlier Tonight

Legislation to ban bump stocks and to green light “red-flagged” gun-owners passed in a 12-0 vote by members of the House Judiciary Committee. According to the published report by Kathy Gregg of The Providence Journal, “the only two Republicans who were present — Blake Filippi and Justin Price — [opted] not to vote on legislation… they had not…read.”

(Do you remember when Blake Filippi used to call himself a libertarian?)

The bills were amended after the ACLU and many others cried foul over the blatantly unconstitutional Constitutional rights-stomping that was originally permitted, such as letting family testify that the gun owner should be “red flagged” as dangerous. No chance for abuse by vindictive relatives there, right? Now, only law enforcement can petition a judge for an “extreme risk protection order” that would allow the police to seize a person’s gun for a year at a time. Such a petition requires credible
evidence that you are an extreme and imminent danger to yourself or others.

The police decide. That’s comforting, isn’t it? Because there has never been a case of abuse of power by law enforcement.

Oh! But wait, there’s more! Among the key changes to the “red flag” legislation is any threat of gun violence on social media would count as part of that “credible” evidence. Armchair warriors and YouTube rebels, take note.

The proposed bump-stock ban specifically outlaws possession of attachments that allow semiautomatic rifles to fire bullets like
machine guns. Allegedly, such a device was used in the Las Vegas shooting that killed 58, by the alleged single gunman. The amendment at least narrows the law to apply only to the bullet accelerator; the original bill banned virtually any firearm enhancement, including those that actually increase safety.

Here’s the bottom line, again, because it’s worth repeating: CALL or EMAIL YOUR STATE REPRESENTATIVE on Wednesday, April 11 and Thursday, April 12. The vote is scheduled for Thursday afternoon.

Don’t know who to call (or want to call more than only your rep)? Find your representative here.