2022 marks the 45th anniversary of the formation of the Rhode Island state affiliate of the Libertarian Party. This is a significant milestone, but to put it into perspective, 2022 also marks the 87th anniversary of Rhode Island’s so called “bloodless revolution,” when Democrats last seized control of our state legislature. They have yet to relinquish their overwhelming majority or any of the meaningful political appointments.

Those in political power are never going to just hand over control to us. Democrats and Republicans view us as uninvited guests; they are never going to give us anything; we are always going to have to go take it. 

As Libertarians, we believe that individuals acting in their own self-interest is the most efficient way to produce the most benefit for the largest number of people. If we apply that same principle to the Rhode Island state affiliate, the fastest way to spread our message is through your own individual actions. 

We have a great core group of individuals who have been working hard to build the foundation and the framework for our political party to achieve ballot access and subsequent official party status in our state. What we need now are individuals to help us to spread our message of Liberty, join our cause, and help us achieve our goals.

Come join us for our annual convention and fundraiser on April 24th. The deadline to sign up is midnight April 11th, and even if you don’t qualify to be a voting delegate, you can come join the celebration, have some great food, and help raise some money for the party, as well as meet our candidates and our members, talk about our plans for 2022, and help us find ways where your skills would be most useful.

If you can’t attend on the 24th, send us a note through our volunteer page: https://lpri.us/volunteer/. Here you can find ideas of ways you can help, or tell us what you think you would be good at. No matter what, we want to hear from you. Come be a part of what we are building right here in the state of Rhode Island.

– Billy Hunt
Chairman, LPRI

Haven’t bought your convention tickets yet?

There’s still time! Visit https://lpri.us/events/2022-lpri-convention/ before midnight on April 11 to purchase tickets!